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Maxilla Rehabilitation — Upper Dentures

Affordable Dental Rehabilitation Choices – Cosmetic Case
Tooth Replacement Alternatives
Before Upper Dentures
After Upper Dentures
Tooth Replacement Alternatives with Intracoronal Partials

One of the most common factors for many patients acquiring the toothless look is due to failure to treat and replace tooth structures in a timely fashion. Due to finances or time constraint, these problems can become quite severe…as seen in the above photos.

Many times we can conclude that it is much more efficient (in terms of time and money) to just extract a tooth instead of treating it. Often, leaving it alone for a long time can lead to extraction as the only treatment option left. Exercising this option too frequently will normally end up in acquiring a cosmetic appearance that doesn’t feel comfortable.

oral disease, eating preferences, oral protecting habits and how we remain personally watchful of them determines how our dentition will be represented as we all grow older.

As can be seen in our first two pre-treatment photos, our patient had several missing teeth. Fortunately the remaining tooth structures were quite healthy and had sound root structures. The patient was interested in replacing the missing teeth and did not want to resort to dentures.

Intracoronal Attachments: The Cosmetic No-Clasp Partial

Denture partials made by many dentists incorporate the use of a very unattractive metal clasp device that attaches to the exterior of adjacent teeth. The patient was aware of this and was seeking a better solution.

Comfort Smiles determined that special intracoronal attachments could be used on his strongest root structures of the remaining teeth.

Looking closely at the patient’s upper arch in the photo, it can be seen (or rather NOT seen) that a partial is in place. The intracoronal attachment devices create this quite dramatic treatment outcome. The replacement of the metal clasps on the lower partial are planned for a future date.

The final post treatment photo shows the overall impact of treatment. The patient has a great looking smile…and even looks younger. The beginning stages of a collapsed bite have been reversed!

The new partials opened his bite and now provide the underlying structure needed for normal upper and lower lip movements… critical for producing a tooth filled smile.