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Mar 212016

Complete Dental Makeover with Dentures

After many years of neglect, this patient presented to our office with a number of missing teeth and those remaining were severely decayed and broken down. She just wanted to be able to chew normal food again and have a smile she could be proud of.  Within a matter of hours we were able to remove all of the decayed, broken, infected teeth and replace with them with very natural looking dentures that far surpassed her expectations. She didn’t think she could ever look this good in dentures, she loves them!

 before lips  after lips



If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Fragnoli at Comfort Dental in Southfield, Michigan serving metro Detroit, call 248-646-2273.

Apr 132015

Upper and Lower Dentures

This patient presented to our dental clinic with a worn, stained, loose upper denture as well as a lower partial that no longer fit.  In less than 10 days were able to give her brand new upper and lower dentures and restore the beautiful smile she used to have.  She is extremely happy with the results and how fast it took to get them.  She now takes the opportunity to show off her new smile every chance she gets.  


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Fragnoli at Comfort Dental in Southfield, Michigan serving metro Detroit, call 248-646-2273.

Jan 162015

Partial Dentures

This patient presented to our dental clinic with many loose, discolored, and missing teeth.  Immediately, we were able to clean and brighten his existing teeth, restoring the health of his teeth and gums.  We were also able to give him natural looking partial dentures to replace his missing teeth. Within a matter of a few days we had drastically improved his overall oral health and restored his smile to where he had always hoped it could be.

lips before







If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Fragnoli at Comfort Dental in Southfield, Michigan serving metro Detroit, call 248-646-2273.


Nov 202014

Dental Cosmetic Face Lift With Dentures and Crowns

This patient presented to our dental clinic with a number of broken and missing teeth after many years of neglect.  Within a couple of weeks, we were able to give her a beautiful, younger looking smile with new porcelain crowns and a very natural looking upper denture.  She now has restored confidence.  She says she feels “much younger” and “can’t stop smiling.”


before 2 after 2









If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation with
Dr. Daniel Fragnoli at Comfort Dental in Southfield, Michigan serving metro Detroit
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Oct 212013

Maxilla Rehabilitation — Upper Dentures

Affordable Dental Rehabilitation Choices – Cosmetic Case
Tooth Replacement Alternatives
Before Upper Dentures
After Upper Dentures
Tooth Replacement Alternatives with Intracoronal Partials

One of the most common factors for many patients acquiring the toothless look is due to failure to treat and replace tooth structures in a timely fashion. Due to finances or time constraint, these problems can become quite severe…as seen in the above photos.

Many times we can conclude that it is much more efficient (in terms of time and money) to just extract a tooth instead of treating it. Often, leaving it alone for a long time can lead to extraction as the only treatment option left. Exercising this option too frequently will normally end up in acquiring a cosmetic appearance that doesn’t feel comfortable.

oral disease, eating preferences, oral protecting habits and how we remain personally watchful of them determines how our dentition will be represented as we all grow older.

As can be seen in our first two pre-treatment photos, our patient had several missing teeth. Fortunately the remaining tooth structures were quite healthy and had sound root structures. The patient was interested in replacing the missing teeth and did not want to resort to dentures.

Intracoronal Attachments: The Cosmetic No-Clasp Partial

Denture partials made by many dentists incorporate the use of a very unattractive metal clasp device that attaches to the exterior of adjacent teeth. The patient was aware of this and was seeking a better solution.

Comfort Smiles determined that special intracoronal attachments could be used on his strongest root structures of the remaining teeth.

Looking closely at the patient’s upper arch in the photo, it can be seen (or rather NOT seen) that a partial is in place. The intracoronal attachment devices create this quite dramatic treatment outcome. The replacement of the metal clasps on the lower partial are planned for a future date.

The final post treatment photo shows the overall impact of treatment. The patient has a great looking smile…and even looks younger. The beginning stages of a collapsed bite have been reversed!

The new partials opened his bite and now provide the underlying structure needed for normal upper and lower lip movements… critical for producing a tooth filled smile.

Oct 212013

Immediate Partial Denture Reconstruction

Immediate Partial Denture Reconstruction Immediate Partial Denture Reconstruction – Southfield MI

A slightly deficient smile coupled with gum disease problems limited our treatment options

A new partial denture delivered on the same day as the extractions provided a solution to the esthetic problem

When things become hopeless, the solution may often provide an easier and better solution. This 60 year old patient came to our office with complaints of loose teeth. She also desired to close the gap in her front teeth.

Our complete dental examination revealed that she suffered with advanced periodontal disease. We advised her that we could save several of her back teeth with proper gum therapy. However, the condition of the front teeth was hopeless.

The patient did not want to walk around without teeth. Our lab helped us fabricate an immediate denture which allowed us to deliver this partial at the same time that we removed her teeth. The patient was very excited with her new smile and stated: “I may have lost my natural teeth because of my own neglect, but this partial feels so comfortable and I have the smile I always wanted. I can’t thank you enough.”

Oct 212013

Denture Cosmetic Makeover

Extreme Denture Makeover – Cosmetic Case
New Smile Confidence!
Before Veneers
After Veneers Result
Natural Looking Denture Makeover

Our patient came to our office after many years of neglect. She was terrified to make an appointment. Extreme fear of the dentist resulted in the Before effect.

Sedation Dentistry quickly helped her to overcome her fear. She did not want to walk around without any teeth. Multiple teeth were extracted and immediate dentures were inserted…in other words, her dentures were fabricated before the teeth were extracted.

You can imagine how quickly her personal life changed. Her co-workers did not recognize her! Needless to say, her self-confidence level went up a few notches.

Oct 212013

Cosmetic Reconstructive Prosthodontics

Prosthodontic Dental Art – Cosmetic Case
Denture Replacement Makeover
Before Cosmetic Dentures
After Makeover Prosthodontist Custom Fabrication
Before Denture Makeover
After Denture Makeover
The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

This “young lady” came to our office with expectations of improving her smile. A new IPN designed denture was fabricated. The photos speak for the case!

Makeover Alternatives

Certain maxillary (upper jaw) characteristics and other issues prevented our patient’s access to a number of traditional dental makeover procedures.

Nonetheless… she wanted Comfort Smiles’s help in recreating a smile she could be happy with. Something that was within her budget, felt natural and could restore the broad smile she once had. In other words… she was seeking a makeover experience.

Prosthodontic Dental Art

After consulting with Comfort Smiles and the in-house dental lab technician, our patient elected to have custom dentures (prosthodontics) that would give her some great looking teeth, restore her bite and occlusion and restore the height of her smile.

The years of normal wear and tear on her natural teeth had caused her smile to collapse somewhat (severe collapse of vertical dimension causes popular granny-mouth that we are all familiar with).

The adjacent after photo reflects an attractive smile and set of teeth that are shaded appropriately for her age. Our patient didn’t want super white dentures since it wouldn’t feel or look natural for her age.

The bite and occlusion issues were successfully overcome. Notice how the patient’s smile is much broader and shows more teeth. The function of the upper lip movement during smiling typically improves when vertical dimension is restored.

The overall impact of the final cosmetic result was quite significant. Not only did the patient feel and look many years younger… it was also evident in her renewed use of attractive makeup and a younger style of dress. In short… quite dramatic!

Comfort Smiles has the resources and his in-house dental lab that enables our office to develop makeover treatment plans for patients who believe a makeover experience is not possible because of:

  • Poor conditions of the maxilla (upper jaw)
  • Poor conditions of the mandible (lower jaw)
  • Gingival/supportive tissue concerns
  • Bite/occlusion problems
  • Severe collapsed vertical dimension
  • Periodontic issues
  • Bone and/or tissue grafting problems