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Jul 102015

Cosmetic Restoration With Crowns

This patient presented to our office with severely decayed, stained teeth that were chipped and worn down.  She was also looking to close the spaces between her front teeth, but did not want to go through the process of braces.  We gave her a number of options including veneers, bonding, invisalign, and crowns.  With the use of crowns we were able to drastically improve the overall health of her teeth and cosmetically restore her smile to where she had always hoped it could be.




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Apr 132015

Upper and Lower Dentures

This patient presented to our dental clinic with a worn, stained, loose upper denture as well as a lower partial that no longer fit.  In less than 10 days were able to give her brand new upper and lower dentures and restore the beautiful smile she used to have.  She is extremely happy with the results and how fast it took to get them.  She now takes the opportunity to show off her new smile every chance she gets.  


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Fragnoli at Comfort Dental in Southfield, Michigan serving metro Detroit, call 248-646-2273.

Nov 202014

Dental Cosmetic Face Lift With Dentures and Crowns

This patient presented to our dental clinic with a number of broken and missing teeth after many years of neglect.  Within a couple of weeks, we were able to give her a beautiful, younger looking smile with new porcelain crowns and a very natural looking upper denture.  She now has restored confidence.  She says she feels “much younger” and “can’t stop smiling.”


before 2 after 2









If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation with
Dr. Daniel Fragnoli at Comfort Dental in Southfield, Michigan serving metro Detroit
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Aug 052014

Improved Smile with Crowns

  BEFORE                                             AFTER



This patient came to our office because she was not happy with color and shape of her upper teeth. She elected to have ten crowns on her upper teeth in order to improve her entire smile.

Some of her upper teeth were not strong enough to support new crowns due to cavities and very old silver fillings (amalgam) .To remedy this problem, we performed root canals on the teeth that had too much decay/cavity for a simple filling. For the teeth that had the failing silver/amalgam fillings, we replaced the silver with a white/composite filling.

After we made all of the patients upper teeth strong enough to support crowns we started preparation of the crowns. This process takes only two appointments, one for preparation and the next appointment for delivery of the crowns. Overall the patient was very happy with her new and improved smile.

Oct 212013

Maxilla Rehabilitation — Upper Dentures

Affordable Dental Rehabilitation Choices – Cosmetic Case
Tooth Replacement Alternatives
Before Upper Dentures
After Upper Dentures
Tooth Replacement Alternatives with Intracoronal Partials

One of the most common factors for many patients acquiring the toothless look is due to failure to treat and replace tooth structures in a timely fashion. Due to finances or time constraint, these problems can become quite severe…as seen in the above photos.

Many times we can conclude that it is much more efficient (in terms of time and money) to just extract a tooth instead of treating it. Often, leaving it alone for a long time can lead to extraction as the only treatment option left. Exercising this option too frequently will normally end up in acquiring a cosmetic appearance that doesn’t feel comfortable.

oral disease, eating preferences, oral protecting habits and how we remain personally watchful of them determines how our dentition will be represented as we all grow older.

As can be seen in our first two pre-treatment photos, our patient had several missing teeth. Fortunately the remaining tooth structures were quite healthy and had sound root structures. The patient was interested in replacing the missing teeth and did not want to resort to dentures.

Intracoronal Attachments: The Cosmetic No-Clasp Partial

Denture partials made by many dentists incorporate the use of a very unattractive metal clasp device that attaches to the exterior of adjacent teeth. The patient was aware of this and was seeking a better solution.

Comfort Smiles determined that special intracoronal attachments could be used on his strongest root structures of the remaining teeth.

Looking closely at the patient’s upper arch in the photo, it can be seen (or rather NOT seen) that a partial is in place. The intracoronal attachment devices create this quite dramatic treatment outcome. The replacement of the metal clasps on the lower partial are planned for a future date.

The final post treatment photo shows the overall impact of treatment. The patient has a great looking smile…and even looks younger. The beginning stages of a collapsed bite have been reversed!

The new partials opened his bite and now provide the underlying structure needed for normal upper and lower lip movements… critical for producing a tooth filled smile.

Mar 122013
Full-mouth reconstruction Before and After

Full-mouth Reconstruction

Today’s modern technology allows a few skilled doctors to provide life changing treatment options. We have been perfecting these treatments for over 10 years.

This beautiful lady came to our office for a cosmetic consultation. She simply wanted a better smile. After performing our thorough examination, we determined that she was suffering with severe migraine headaches and ear aches. Our analysis concluded that her jaw function was out of alignment by over 5 mm.

We started our treatment with functional decompression appliances. Within 6 months all of her headaches and ear aches were eliminated. Patient was truly amazed that our dental treatment alleviated and cured what numerous other neurologists and doctors could not treat for over 20 years.

A comprehensive neuromuscular EMG study was performed before any dental treatment commenced. This advanced diagnostic tool enables us to be able to precisely determine how we find harmony between muscle, bone, and tooth positions. In this case, the EMG confirmed the need for 5 mm. of tooth support and advancement of the lower jaw to a position which would provide stability and proper function. Without an EMG study it is impossible to have the proper blueprint for cases that involve such complex issues. It would be similar to building a skyscraper without blueprints.

The treatment followed with reconstruction of her teeth and establishing a brand new bite and jaw position. This work included porcelain crowns and veneers. The final photo shows a close-up of her lower teeth, which shows longer than average teeth. This was required in order to provide the necessary jaw function and stability. This was also necessary to prevent any future headaches. As you can see from the face photos, the length of these lower teeth did not affect her smile or show negatively in any way. As a matter of fact, take a look at the significant difference in her overall appearance.

This patient’s life has changed dramatically since completion of these services. She can’t stop smiling and her confidence level is up in the stratosphere!!!

Mar 112013

It’s Never Too Late for a Great Smile

Injury, disease, and neglect can take a toll on your teeth and your mouth – and all too often, poor dental care or the lack of dental care can let problems get to the point where recovery seems impossible. Decayed, broken, or missing teeth, gum disease, accidents, misaligned teeth – any or all of these may have resulted in wide-ranging problems that seem to be beyond repair.

Fortunately, the professionals at Comfort Dental can help. We are one of very few dental offices with the depth of knowledge, experience, and technological advancement to successfully treat virtually all types of dental issues. That’s why we are your first choice when it comes to full mouth reconstruction. No matter what your current condition may be, we can develop a comprehensive, effective treatment plan that results in better health, a better smile—and a better life.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full Mouth Reconstruction refers to the complete set of procedures needed to address multiple problems or conditions affecting virtually the entirety of your mouth: Teeth, gums, bone, and jaws. Typically, this involves rebuilding or restoring all or virtually all of the teeth in your upper and lower jaws.

Full Mouth Reconstruction may be required as a result of one or more of several factors:

  • Accident or injury
  • Prolonged dental neglect
  • Failure of prior dental procedures
  • Severe infection
  • Badly worn teeth as a result of grinding, acid reflux, or long-term erosion
  • Occlusion

Full Mouth Reconstruction is different than a simple “mouth makeover”: While cosmetic concerns certainly are a factor for consideration, they are not the primary purpose of treatment. Instead, Full Mouth Reconstruction is intended to provide you with fully-functional, optimally healthy restored dentition that looks, feels, and behaves as closely as possible to perfectly healthy natural teeth.

What Treatments Are Used in Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Every patient and every circumstance is different. Your particular needs are yours alone, and require careful and attentive assessment. Generally speaking, however, Full Mouth Reconstruction involves a long-term program of ongoing treatment requiring repeated office visits. Depending on your needs, treatments may include:

  • Scaling and planning to address periodontal (gum) issues
  • Fillings or crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Bone or soft tissue grafts
  • Orthodontic treatment

In cases where TMJ is a significant issue, Orthognathic surgery may also be required to properly position the jaw.

At each stage of Full Mouth Reconstruction treatment, it is important that the practitioner or practitioners coordinate their procedures with all other procedures to be performed. This is necessary in order to provide the most efficient, comfortable service possible, as well as to ensure that differing treatments do not interfere with each other or cause complications. Since Comfort Dental addresses all aspects of dental care and provides all reconstructive services ourselves, you can be assured that your treatment will be perfectly coordinated for an optimal outcome.

It’s never too late to improve your dental health and improve your smile – and there’s no better time to get started than now. With a fully restored mouth from Comfort Dental, you’ll look better, feel better, and enjoy improved dental and overall physical health for years to come. Take your first steps today for better teeth and a better life: Contact us to arrange for an examination and consultation.