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Mar 212016

Complete Dental Makeover with Dentures

After many years of neglect, this patient presented to our office with a number of missing teeth and those remaining were severely decayed and broken down. She just wanted to be able to chew normal food again and have a smile she could be proud of.  Within a matter of hours we were able to remove all of the decayed, broken, infected teeth and replace with them with very natural looking dentures that far surpassed her expectations. She didn’t think she could ever look this good in dentures, she loves them!

 before lips  after lips



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Mar 212016

Rebuilding Smile With Crowns

This patient presented to our office with failing front crowns with visible metal margins and disproportional sizes causing poor contact with the lower teeth.  We replaced the crowns, improving her bite, smile, and overall oral health.  She was extremely happy with the result and wishes her teeth could’ve looked like this years ago.

 before teeth  after teeth



If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Fragnoli at Comfort Dental in Southfield, Michigan serving metro Detroit, call 248-646-2273.

Nov 112015

Extreme Dentistry

Before After
Before After

This young patient, a visitor from another country, came to our office looking for a miracle solution to his dental problems.

Utilizing various procedures we quickly eliminated multiple infections and stabilized his oral and medical condition. Dental infections can lead to a variety of health problems, the most common consequence resulting in weakened heart valves and stressing out the function of the heart.

Before we can begin a smile makeover we always have to address the health of the mouth, the function of the jaws, and the long-term consequences of how we treat these conditions. Many blueprints and architectural plans are made before we can start our cosmetic care in such difficult cases. Cases such as this require extractions, root canals, implants, gum therapy, and other methods that we use on a daily basis to improve our patients’ overall health discover this.

Eventually, the patient received over 20 crowns and a new smile that he he will live with for a long time. We gave him a healthy smile and a new start on life.

Jul 102015

Cosmetic Restoration With Crowns

This patient presented to our office with severely decayed, stained teeth that were chipped and worn down.  She was also looking to close the spaces between her front teeth, but did not want to go through the process of braces.  We gave her a number of options including veneers, bonding, invisalign, and crowns.  With the use of crowns we were able to drastically improve the overall health of her teeth and cosmetically restore her smile to where she had always hoped it could be.




If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Fragnoli at Comfort Dental in Southfield, Michigan serving metro Detroit, call 248-646-2273.

Apr 132015

Upper and Lower Dentures

This patient presented to our dental clinic with a worn, stained, loose upper denture as well as a lower partial that no longer fit.  In less than 10 days were able to give her brand new upper and lower dentures and restore the beautiful smile she used to have.  She is extremely happy with the results and how fast it took to get them.  She now takes the opportunity to show off her new smile every chance she gets.  


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Fragnoli at Comfort Dental in Southfield, Michigan serving metro Detroit, call 248-646-2273.

Mar 242015

Health and Nutrition

The typical American diet can cause injury and stress to your body, while blocking your body’s healing processes.  Choosing to upgrade to a healthy diet is one of the most life enhancing decisions you can make.  A healthy diet can prevent and reverse illness. Diet changes must be made gradually, yet with ruthless energy and determination.  What you eat has a significant effect on your energy levels, your overall health, and your ability to heal.  The American diet has become overly convenient.  We fill our bodies with choices of food that are quick to prepare or easy to “grab and eat”. This can leave us devoid of proper nutrition and balance as many of these foods lack proper nutrients. Before you begin with a new eating plan, please realize that the food supply in our country is produced with high levels of toxins:

  1. MSG, nitrates, nitrites, sulfites preservatives, colorings, carrageenan, BHA, BHT:  all cancer causing chemicals added to keep foods on the shelves longer!
  2. Sweeteners, such as Splenda, Nutrasweet, Equal:  all cancer producing chemicals that have no nutritional value and break down proper body functions.  Avoid diet products that contain these sweeteners (Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, diet-most-everything!)
  3. Hydrogenated oils:  evils that are added to foods to make them taste better. Margarine and shortening are made from these and are to be eliminated.
  4. Spices and natural flavorings:  these have nothing to do with any natural products, pepper, salt, or paprika.  They are chemicals being added to foods by manufacturers in order to increase your appetite and get you addicted to the company’s particular brand of food.
  5. Pesticides and herbicides:  although helpful in preventing food-borne illnesses they are toxins!  Organic foods do not have these chemicals!
  6. High fructose corn syrup:  the most common additive to foods, designed to sweeten your food and get you “hooked” to the taste of the product.  It will slowly destroy your pancreas and entire health.  This product alone is responsible for many of our ailments.
  7. Restaurants and fast food joints:  stay away!

Please realize that in order to start your health program you must take some initiative and keep things as simple as possible.  First, read the labels of the food in your cupboard and refrigerator.  Throw out anything that has any of the above compounds.  Second, shop for organic products.  Even local grocery stores are adding many organic products to their shelves.  Focus on finding organic food. 

The best way to start a nutritional program is with detoxification. There are many  products available at the local vitamin store that are pre-packaged (everything from digestive enzymes to psyllium and colon cleansers).  Detoxifying your digestive system is a critical component of your continued health!  Next, follow some simple rules:

  1. Drink plenty of Distilled or Filtered Water: at least half an ounce of water for every pound you weigh!
  2. Have an Allergy Test. Avoid eating all foods that you are allergic or sensitive to.
  3. Avoid all sugars, high fructose corn syrup, refined flour products, milk, and soy.  Use Stevia to sweeten. 
  4. Eat lots of Organic Vegetables and Fruits
  5. Eat the right amount of Proteins:  turkey, wild-caught fish, lamb, beans, and chicken. 
  6. Avoid diet sodas.
  7. Consume Live Cultured Foods:  lots of fat-free Organic Yogurt or Kefir.   Also, purchase Probiotics from the health food store and take at least one tablet every day!  The Probiotics will eliminate yeast and other toxins from your body.  YOU WILL SEE HUGE BENEFITS FROM THIS!
Jan 162015

Partial Dentures

This patient presented to our dental clinic with many loose, discolored, and missing teeth.  Immediately, we were able to clean and brighten his existing teeth, restoring the health of his teeth and gums.  We were also able to give him natural looking partial dentures to replace his missing teeth. Within a matter of a few days we had drastically improved his overall oral health and restored his smile to where he had always hoped it could be.

lips before







If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Fragnoli at Comfort Dental in Southfield, Michigan serving metro Detroit, call 248-646-2273.


Nov 202014

Dental Cosmetic Face Lift With Dentures and Crowns

This patient presented to our dental clinic with a number of broken and missing teeth after many years of neglect.  Within a couple of weeks, we were able to give her a beautiful, younger looking smile with new porcelain crowns and a very natural looking upper denture.  She now has restored confidence.  She says she feels “much younger” and “can’t stop smiling.”


before 2 after 2









If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation with
Dr. Daniel Fragnoli at Comfort Dental in Southfield, Michigan serving metro Detroit
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Aug 082014

Our Commitment to You Our office is committed to providing you with the highest level of Dental Care; helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime.  Our treatment protocols evolve as new research in Dentistry emerges and offers better treatment and better results.

Our office has always been on the leading edge of non-surgical treatment of Periodontal (Gum) problems.  The most recent Periodontal research shows that the presence of Periodontal bacteria in your mouth increases your risk for heart attack, stroke and pancreatic cancer. If you are pregnant, Periodontal bacteria  can contribute to low birth weight.

If you experience bleeding gums, bad taste, or bad breath, you may be putting your health at risk.  Our newest Periodontal protocols allow us, in partnership with you, to control and or eliminate the bad “bugs,” and keep you as healthy as possible.  Using our state of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment, we can customize a treatment plan unique to your situation and resulting in healthier gums and a healthier you.

If you exhibit any of the symptoms described above or have any concerns about the status of your gums, please don’t hesitate to call our office for further consultation.

Aug 052014

HAVE YOU RECENTLY VISITED WITH a friend or coworker and had a flash of silver catch your eye? We’ve all seen them, and some of us may still have them. To what are we referring? Those unsightly silver amalgam fillings that used to be the standard way of filling all cavities.

Fortunately, today’s advances in dentistry and oral health awareness are causing these silver alloy fillings to gradually become thing of the past. Here at Comfort Dental we now offer you, our valued patients, beautiful white composite fillings that match your teeth. When you open wide and visit with people, your fillings will no longer draw unwanted attention. In fact, it’s practically impossible to even tell the fillings are there!

If you still have silver amalgam fillings from your past, we recommend that you consider having them replaced—and not just because of their less aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Silver amalgam fillings don’t bond as well to teeth—in order to make sure the filling is held in place, it has to be prepared with “undercuts” that can weaken the tooth structure and result in fractures. Amalgam fillings can also corrode over time as they swell and expand, putting you at risk for cracks. Additional problems can also occur as moisture and bacteria leak through microscopic spaces that develop between the tooth and the filling over time. Often, if not given immediate attention, this can cause a tooth to decay completely and/or break.

White composite fillings don’t require undercuts in your teeth, making them much more proficient in bonding, and definitely superior. In fact, such fillings can actually help strengthen teeth. And of course they’re much more aesthetically pleasing.

Still have questions about silver amalgam fillings and what to do about them? Set up an appointment with us. We’d love to go over all the options with you.