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Comfort Dental Cosmetic Services

There’s nothing quite like a winning smile. At Comfort Dental, we’ve known that for almost a quarter of a century: We adopted the slogan “Fall in love with your smile!” and performed literally tens of thousands of cosmetic procedures—many before most dentists even knew what the term “cosmetic dentistry” meant.

Comfort Dental has always understood the tremendous value of your smile. It’s probably one of the first things that people will notice about you—and it’s something you notice every time you look in the mirror, every day of your life. Your smile is a major element of your overall appearance; it impacts your confidence, your self esteem, and your interpersonal, professional, and financial success. The equation is simple: When you improve your smile, you improve your life.

At Comfort Dental, that’s what we do – and we do it extraordinarily well.

Successful Cosmetic Dentistry: Beginning with the Basics

A great looking smile is a healthy smile. Your Comfort Dental cosmetic dental specialist begins by consulting closely with you to identify the specific changes you wish to make, the specific image you wish to create. Subtle differences in the choices you make at this point can have a big effect on your appearance, and we take the time it takes to fully understand every detail of the image you wish to create. We then evaluate your overall dental health, carefully checking a wide variety of critical aspects of your oral health—your gums, muscles, bone structure, and the teeth themselves—to make sure that the foundation of the work we perform is healthy and durable.

Our extensive experience has shown that no cosmetic procedures should ever be considered without a comprehensive dental and periodontal examination. In fact, a great deal of our practice consists of repairing work performed by other practitioners who didn’t take the time to perform this assessment. We have examined patients who had been treated by some of the world’s leading cosmetic dentists, only to find that their procedures had failed due to untreated gum and bone issues. Naturally, this resulted in unnecessary disappointment, discomfort, and expense – all of which could have been avoided had the original practitioners been more careful.

Our Success: Your Complete Satisfaction

At Comfort Dental, there is only one acceptable outcome for the cosmetic procedures we perform: Your complete satisfaction. We want you not just to like, but to love the smile you see when you look in the mirror—and we’ve spent two and a half decades perfecting the techniques it takes to ensure that you do.

Comfort Dental offers a full range of cosmetic dental procedures, from simple tooth whitening to full mouth reconstruction. We’ll be happy to discuss the options—and begin the process of creating your marvelous new smile. Contact us today.

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