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Dentures and Partials

We provide comfortable, custom fitted dentures so our patients can enjoy eating and smiling with confidence.

We can help with a variety of Denture needs:

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Get Started On Your New Smile And Have The Confidence To Show It Off

Dentures-1John lost confidence in his teeth a few years ago. He forgot to smile and feel confident about himself. It only took us 2 weeks to get his self-esteem and life back.


Dentures-6Darrell worked hard most of his life to care for his family.  Regular dental care was often not an option for him.  Unfortunately Mother Time caught up with his mouth.  Fortunately, we were here for him.  Using state-of-the-art denture techniques, along with European crafted teeth, we gave Darrell his smile and confidence back.  Just look at the drastic change.


An overdenture is a denture that rests over existing roots. Often, root canals are done on remaining teeth in order to maintain the jaw bone from shrinking and allow us to be able to attach dentures into the roots using connectors. Sometimes we can fit a new denture over broken or worn down teeth without extracting or doing root canals. In this case severe attrition led this patient to complete wear of his teeth. A new upper overdenture was made. The denture was fitted over his remaining teeth. Notice the improvement in the smile, lip function, and height of the lower face.

Dentures: The Traditional Solution to Missing Teeth

Tremendous advances in dentistry in recent years have resulted in more options for people with missing or badly damaged teeth. In particular, dental implants have become extremely popular as an alternative to dentures as a means of providing a solution to the problem of missing teeth.

These solutions aren’t for everyone, however. Gum disease, bone problems, or other factors may make a person a poor candidate for implants. Many patients do not want to undergo the comparatively lengthy treatment process involved with implants. For such patients, traditional treatments such as dentures or partials provide an appealing alternative.

What Are Dentures?

Simply put, dentures are removable “new teeth” made from either metal or acrylic (hardened plastic). They take the form of a single appliance that is custom-fitted to be worn in the patient’s mouth, providing the appearance and function of natural teeth. Correctly fitted dentures provide an outward appearance that is virtually indistinguishable to a person’s natural teeth, and enable the patient to chew, eat, and speak normally.

Dentures also provide support to the cheeks and lips, often providing an improvement to the patient’s overall facial appearance. Where missing teeth can allow the cheeks to sag, giving a person a “sunken” appearance, dentures restore the uniform support once provided by the patient’s natural teeth.


Full Dentures Vs. Partials

Full dentures consist of a “complete set” of upper teeth, lower teeth or both, mounted to a gum-colored pink plastic base which is custom-fitted to the patient’s gum and jaw. The denture appliance may be worn throughout the course of all normal daily activities. It is removed for periodic cleaning and at night while you sleep, except in cases of sleep apnea (where its absence may worsen the problem).

In cases where a patient retains some or most of their natural teeth, a “partial” may be used – replacement “teeth” designed to fill the gaps left by missing teeth. These attach to the patients existing teeth using either metal clasps or more modern devices known as precision attachments. Precision attachments provide a secure, stable means of holding the partial in place and in proper alignment, and are virtually imperceptible.

The Advantages of Dentures

For many patients, dentures provide the perfect solution to missing or badly-damaged teeth – especially in circumstances where solutions such as bridges or implants may not be appropriate. Some advantages of dentures include:

Affordable—Quality dentures are not “cheap,” since they are precision devices that require a great deal of care and skill to create and fit correctly. They are much more affordable than implants, however.

Less Invasive—Except for the possible need to remove broken or badly-damaged teeth, denture treatment does not require any surgical procedures.

Faster Results—Dentures can be correctly fabricated and fitted in a short amount of time, enabling you to regain a “perfect” smile much sooner than with extensive implant treatment.

Comfort Dental has provided great looking, great fitting, comfortable dentures and partials to thousands of patients. Denture technology has changed greatly over the past two decades, and continues to change. Comfort Dental is aware of these changes, and uses the latest materials and techniques to provide the best dentures and partials available anywhere. Your Comfort Dental dentures will have the perfect fit, color, and size to let you look and feel your best.

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