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Dental Implants

Dental Implants – The Key to Permanently Perfect Teeth

Nobody wants to lose their natural teeth—but it happens. Whether due to accident, advanced decay, or as a side effect of other medical treatments, you may be left with unwanted empty spaces where teeth used to be. Apart from the impact upon your smile and your overall appearance, missing teeth can make chewing difficult or nearly impossible, and can accelerate damage and deterioration to the remaining teeth. Fortunately, dental implants can provide a permanent, near-perfect solution.

Traditionally, dentures or bridges have been the solution to tooth loss. While these are satisfactory for many patients, others prefer a more permanent and natural-seeming solution. For most purposes, dental implants behave just like natural teeth: You chew normally, brush and floss normally—and your smile looks every bit as good, if not better, than it did with your former natural teeth. Unlike dentures, implants are fixed permanently in place; unlike bridges, they are not attached to adjacent teeth. And unlike natural teeth, implants never decay, never get cavities, and never wear down.

Dental Implant Treatment – Done Right

Dental Implants are among the most successful procedures that Comfort Dental performs. We have provided cutting-edge implant treatment to countless patients, with a uniformly successful outcome: A healthy smile and a happy client.

Dental implants look and perform like natural, permanent teeth: Fused to the jawbone, they are stronger, more durable, and more comfortable than dentures, bridges, or partials. The implants serve as the foundation for individual crowns or for permanently placed bridges in cases where two or more teeth are being replaced. Performed properly, dental implants can result in an improved appearance, improved chewing, improved jaw function—and greatly improved quality of life.

“Performed properly,” though, is the key consideration: Implant dentistry is a more invasive and complex procedure than most other dental procedures, and there is essentially no room for error. The dental surgeon, the assessment and planning involved, the techniques and equipment used, the implants themselves must all be of the highest standard of quality if a lasting positive outcome is to be achieved. Comfort Dental has established a long, proven track record of providing this uniformly high level of service: Literally hundreds of satisfied clients can attest to an equal number of highly successful outcomes.

We begin by carefully assessing a prospective patient as a candidate for implants. Are the gums healthy? Is the underlying bone structure strong enough to support the implant? By performing a comprehensive evaluation at the outset of treatment, we identify all potential risk factors and take all necessary steps to ensure that the procedures we perform will be successful. Only then do we begin the careful, meticulous work of preparing your jaw, placing the implant, fabricating your crown or bridge—and creating your fabulous, fully restored smile.

If you think implant dentistry might be right for you, you’ve come to the right place: Comfort Dental offer a level of quality and a track record for implant success that few can match. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

Implant and TMJ Treatment


Various treatments can be used to restore function to a poor bite and cosmetically realign the teeth in order to help patients resolve jaw pain and headache issues.




However, when teeth are missing…implants must be used to provide the needed anchors for final stability.


tmj32 implants were used to add additional support to her bite.  The patient had lost these teeth as a teenager.  Without the implants, long term stability would have been poor.

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