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Jan 202015

Invisalign® Assisted by Bonding

Before Invisalign After Invisalign
Invisalign Bonding-Before Invisalign Bonding - After
Before Invisalign Bonding - Front View After Invisalign Bonding - Front View
Before Invisalign Bonding - Side View After Invisalign Bonding - Side View

Many people are constrained by time and finances. Our 22 year old college graduate was tired of the Bucky Beaver look of her front 2 teeth. She had already completed orthodontic treatment at an earlier age and did not want braces back on her teeth, as she was interviewing for jobs. She wanted fast results that would give her a more mature smile. She also was concerned about finances due to the cost of college education that she just completed.

Invisalign was used for 8 months to straighten her teeth and decrease the length of her 2 front teeth. The patient did not want to continue with the treatment as she was moving out of state, therefore we bonded the upper left cuspid. This helped us to realign this portion of her smile. She was hired right after we completed this smile improvement. Total cost was less than half of regular orthodontic fees.