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On-Site Dental Lab


Our On-Site Dental Lab:
A Hallmark of Great Service

Our on-site dental lab is a key part of Comfort Dental’s commitment to providing its patience with the highest level of excellence in dental care. In most practices, standard procedure is to “outsource” dental lab functions to other commercial providers. Bridges, crowns, and veneers are measured and ordered in the dentist’s office, but fabricated elsewhere – usually by people with no direct connection to the dental office or the individual patient.

While convenient and less expensive for dentists, this outsourcing has a considerable downside from the patient’s viewpoint. Patients experience longer wait times for their custom dental appliances (wait times that may be multiplied in the event that there is a mistake in the original order). Quality control may be compromised, as the dentist has no direct oversight over the creation of the crown, bridge, or veneer. The likelihood of error increases as custom, precision dental appliances are rushed through high-volume, production environments.

We decided long ago that this was not good enough for Comfort Dental’s patients. That’s why we operate our own state-of-the-art onsite dental lab, staffed by experienced and highly trained professionals dedicated solely to serving Comfort Dental’s clientele. Felix, our lead technician, has over thirty years of experience in his field, and has created thousands of perfectly-fitted crowns, bridges, veneers and other specialty items for our patients. Felix and his associates work in a state of the art laboratory environment, using the highest quality materials and the latest in precision tools and equipment. Our dental lab is directly supervised by Dr. John Halmaghi, Comfort Dental’s founder. The result is a consistently outstanding level of quality and service.

On-Site Lab Advantages

Thanks to our onsite dental lab, Comfort Dental patients experience:

  • Faster Service. As soon as a crown, bridge, or other appliance is needed, measurements and specifications are provided directly to Felix and his team for immediate attention. Felix is available onsite during all procedures requiring lab work, and is ready to provide fabrication or adjustment services as soon as they are required. The result: Crowns, veneers, and other appliances are completed in about half the time that is routinely required elsewhere – and with twice the quality.
  • Better Quality Control. Comfort Dental’s lab is directly overseen by our dentists, who ensure that all aspects of its operation meet the highest possible quality standards.
  • Fewer Errors. Dentists and technicians may consult many times throughout the course of treatment as adjustments are made or requirements change. The ability to confer directly and for dentists to examine work in real time as it is created means that finished appliances precisely match our exacting specifications.
  • Higher Satisfaction. Because Comfort Dental’s onsite lab is directly involved with our patients and practice at all levels, we are able to provide consistently higher quality products and services – in less time and with less hassle for our patients. Crowns, partials, and veneers made in our lab look great, feel great, and fit perfectly because our patients deserve nothing less.

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