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Our Guarantee


Care So Good, It’s Guaranteed—
At Prices You Can’t Beat

guaranteeComfort Dental believes we provide the best quality dentistry at the best price. And, we’re willing to put it in writing.

Comfort Dental Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price for a procedure(s) at another dental office, we will meet or beat that price. All you have to do is bring in a treatment plan from another dental practice. There is only one limitation: Comfort Dental must diagnose and provide the exact same treatment that you were quoted by the other dental practice.

Comfort Dental Guaranteed Dentistry

We believe the word “quality” should have a meaning. We want to be your lifetime partner for your dental health. We are so confident in the high level of quality that we provide to our patients that we guarantee all the work we perform for you. Merely follow our recommended treatment plans to assure all dental work remains in full warranty. We cannot predict gum or nerve treatment complications.

Our Guarantee:

  • Any crowns or bridges will be replaced free of charge within 5 years of placement for any reason related to defective workmanship.
  • Should you fracture a posterior porcelain crown, we will replace it at half cost.
  • Any veneers or anterior porcelain crowns will be warranted against fracture or loss for 5 years, except for conditions involving bruxism, accidents, or extraneous situations.
  • Any denture or partial denture will be warranted for 1 year against breakage.
  • Any root canals will be retreated free of charge as long as the tooth is still salvageable and the bone structure is intact. If the tooth is not salvageable. we will credit the cost of the root canal towards an implant or bridge.

Your Responsibility:

In order for your mouth to remain in optimum health and to enable us to guarantee the work we perform on your behalf, we ask that you follow some routine required care:

  • Visit our office every 6 months for continued maintenance of your gums and dental work.
  • Follow our gum care program at home, adhering to all the instructions that we provide to you. All gum surgery patients must follow regular maintenance visits as directed.
  • Use the home fluoride and mouthwash program that we provide for you, especially if you drink bottled water, sodas and juices. Only you can prevent cavities and future problems!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Comfort Dental, call 248-646-2273 or click the Make an Appointment button. If you are seeking a treatment cost match, please be sure to bring your current treatment plan with you to your appointment.

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