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TMJ Before and After

Orthodontic Overbite Correction


Overbites can cause jaw dysfunction problems, including headaches and jaw pain. They can also cause speech impediments. Overbite correction can only be accomplished with functional orthodontics utilizing special appliances and unique braces. In this 8 year old patient, initial overbite correction will promote early jaw growth

Orthodontic treatment for this 12 year old child included many different approaches which were used to promote lower jaw growth and bring harmony to the relationship between the upper and lower jaws. The jaws were widened in lateral growth, while much effort was directed towards promoting growth of the lower jaw in order to bring about the needed harmony. Over 8 mm of growth was provided for this patient.

Case Study #2

Our 12 yr old patient wanted braces because “it was cool to wear braces!” The preliminary Orthodontic Questionnaire revealed that she suffered with headaches and jaw pain. She was also bothered by the popping and clicking of her jaw joints. She was starting to have a hard time eating. A full orthodontic analysis was completed.

Orthodontic Overbite Correction Orthodontic Overbite Correction
Overbite problems in children can cause headaches, earaches, and jaw pain. Most children will not complain of any jaw problems.
Correction of overbites can start as early as 5 years of age. Treatment should not be delayed past 12 years of age. A full functional orthodontic program corrected this overbite in 26 months.

In this case, our analysis concluded that the patient had a normal upper jaw and a small lower jaw. We also discovered that her jaw joints were under severe compression, causing an advanced dislocation. The key to proper treatment rested on our ability to stimulate over 5 mm of lower jaw growth. This is often a very difficult task to accomplish, especially if treatment is delayed past early teenage years. Her overbite was causing her lower jaw to overclose in respect to her skull bone. The reasons behind her headaches was now diagnosed.

Our treatment included functional appliances and braces utilizing heat activated nickel-titanium wires and a few other modalities (which we cannot disclose at this time). Orthopedic correction and growth of the lower jaw was stimulated in order to correct the overbite, distress the jaw joints, heal the dislocation, and give the patient a normal and healthy bite.

In her own words: “Dr John, my jaws feel really great. My teeth are sooo straight. I love my smile and I can really chew well now. Thanks!”

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